…and so The Challenge arises!

So…How did we come up with this idea of challenging ourselves into doing something that’s out of our comfort zone?

I honestly have no idea. I must have been very sleepy and bored up to the point where Paco asked me to choose a number between 1 and 5 and I chose 3 obviously. And tada! We had to mesh something with a Tudor theme.
The first thing I felt was excitement as I went through all the hot guys in the ‘The Tudors’ in my head which was quickly replaced by confusion when I realized I had no idea what exactly Tudor was. So after a bit of research, I finally had an idea what I had to do ( In spite of being constantly distracted because Google was trying to be smart and kept insisting in it’s own way that I was probably searching for ‘The Tudors’).
What I got out of this entire experience, and I think it holds true for the others who participated in this as well, is a way to incorporate other styles into our own to come up with unique products. That’s all I have for now. I’m going back to googling ‘The Tudors’…with the safety filters off.

by Wolfy (Breno’s creative mind)

Are you ready to be challenged?
See you on the 28th!


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