WHAT is The Challenge?
The Challenge is a monthly recurring home and garden event. It was created to give builders the chance and motivation to think outside of the box, step aside from what they usually do and still create items that are appealing to the community.

HOW does The Challenge work?
A new theme is drawn and announced at the beginning of every month. The theme is selected randomly from a master list – we do not know in advance what the next theme will be, we do not influence the theme and we do not handpick the theme.

Every builder now has the chance to create something inspired by the theme throughout the month.

On the last day of every month, the new items will be available at our participating stores. A list of participants is published on our blog along with the vendor images and SLURLs to participating stores. And a notecard with landmarks is sent to our shoppers through the inworld group.

ITEMS can be anything from furniture to decoration, homes, skyboxes or garden accessories.

THEMES can be different building periods or represent a certain style or culture.

WHO is behind The Challenge?
Paco Pooley from 22769 and [bauwerk] is the main organizer and coordinates merchants and bloggers

Manuel Ormidale from 22769 and [bauwerk] is the co-organizer and keeper of the top secret and mysterious master list of themes

Corvus Szpiegel from [ht] is in charge of this blog and usually hiding under the couch



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